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Aprisa provides full service of Die-Cast solutions, including capabilities of die design, die manufacturing, die casting production, precision machining, finishing, and assembly.
We work with you to develop the most rational solution from the point of view of production technique and create a prototype ready for standard production. Our optimized, flexible and customer-oriented production guarantees products we supply and quality we carry.

Efficient Development of Optimum Solutions

The expertise of our design competency and the consistent use of computer-aided tech save customers on development time and cost.

You understand what kind of die casting part you require with an idea, technical drawing, CAD, target price, and delivery time that we will schedule together with a transparent offer to align with your request. Moreover, the test and inspection of all casting parts will be met for intended use and find out the most economical production method.

RD collaborate with die casting engineers to decide the best construction of mold by preventing from production defects and saving cost.

Before tooling creation, we run the solidification per Flow-3D to simulate any issues or improvement for the way of tooling production.

We design and organize all details of tooling mold and send out layout to our outsourced partner for the sure of tooling production and quality.

The competence of high-pressure aluminum die casting and zinc die casting in house make sure all production in time, including the capacity of
-Cold Chamber aluminum die casting: 125TON – 800TON
-Hot Chamber zinc die casting: 80TON – 250TON

We provide machining operation in house in any tiny tolerance request of casting design.

We have polishing and sand blasted in house and send to the outsourced partner of chrome plating, powder coating, painting, and other fine finish.

We are not only a manufacturer, but also a final assembled. We help to customers design a series of assembly system based on functional and cost-effective.

We take care more about safety in goods package and loading. Package and loading design are ensured in the beginning of product development by preventing from damage during shipment.
Normally, we design special package according to the customer's requirements.

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