We constantly upgrade our advance facilities and manufacturing technic so as to bring castings of superior quality and reliability to the market. We promise to continue our passionate pursuit to be the first rate in Quality, Design, and Delivery.

Die Casting In-House

High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting and Hot Chamber Zinc Die Casting

We totally understand on-time delivery is very important to customers and ten more aluminum cold chamber and zinc hot chamber die casting machines will satisfy customer request whatever in casting size or mass production, as the capacity below,
-Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine : 125TON – 800TON
-Zinc Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine : 80TON – 650TON

Machining Operation
DMG MORI / Hardinge / Brother

Precision CNC machining in house are capable of responding to customer requests for finished parts. Furthermore, we utilize a work cell concept that involves high-speed flexible machining equipment and highly trained personnel.
All necessary machining and assembly operations are performed so that when a part or subassembly leaves our facility it is ready to install.

Quality Inspection test

Simultaneous engineering at the start of the production origination cycle, state-of-the-art simulation processes at the development stage, QA tools for fault prevention, control mechanisms throughout the process chain and lots, lots more.
Today, cutting-edge quality assurance tools and procedures guarantee high quality capability throughout the product generation process.

Other finish stations

According to different requests for part finished, we have shot blasting machines, polish machines, and tumbling machines.

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