Quality Assurance

Quality depends on high precision measurement, also from self-requirement.

At APRISA, high quality is our central focus by emphasizing on personnel responsibility and training. Our staff is ready and capable to meet all requirements as related to statistical controls in achieving quality perfection.

Committed to quality, throughout the production process.


  • CMM / TESA


  • Full CMM / POLI SKY

  • Surface roughness tester / MITUTOYO

  • Profile projector / MITUTOYO

  • Level Scale Measurement / MITUTOYO

  • Height Gauge

reliable testing

  • Torque Tester / DIGI TECH

  • Precision Cutting Machine / PLUSPVER

  • Salt Spray Tester / CHTEK

  • Hardness tester / OLY

  • Coating Thickness Measurement FMP10-20 / FISCHER

  • Infrared Thermometer / FLUKE

  • Solidification flow analysis / FLOW-3D

  • Spectrographic analysis

  • The Falling Sand/Media Tester/ HP-1160 TABER USA

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